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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keep Your Opinions to yourself! Let Newcomers Form Their Own View!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of the unit that they are in but please stop telling new soldiers about all the bad things before they get there. 
I know that all units have problems with leadership and everything may not look and smell like roses, but that may only be for you. When new soldiers come to a unit give them a chance to be in the unit before you start putting bad pooh in their head. They may not see things the same way that you do but man if you cloud their head with negativity that is all they will see. This will start the beginning of a bad soldier. The reason I say that is because they will not trust the command or anyone in the unit, and when this happens they start to get in trouble. So if you have had a hard time or if you are going through some things keep it to yourself. 
Also don't be the one in the unit to bring the moral down. Just because you are having trouble doesn't mean you need to tell everyone and keep up a lot of commotion within the unit. When you run around and keep telling your story you just look guilty and when you get soldiers involved that don't need to know about it you just get your story twisted and turned. Not a good look. 
Learn to handle your business quietly and bring new soldiers into the unit with a good impression. Lead from the front.
Knowledge is no Good unless it is Shared!!

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