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Sunday, January 8, 2012


To the Supply Sergeants and S-4 NCOIC's, take time out and train the clerks. Your clerks should be able to fill your shoes when you are out of the office. Make sure that they have a continuity book, check it out and make sure they highlight things that are important. Give the clerks areas of responsibility and stop letting them sit in the office and just hand out supplies. When I worked as the S-4/PBO my Supply Sergeants thought I was crazy at first because I would just go into the supply rooms and go over their paperwork. Why should they always come to me? I was able to inspect, train and observe at their level all at the same time when I did this. I drilled the clerks to see if they were being trained properly, and I took time out to train the Supply Sergeants. If one of my supply rooms had a problem with something and we fixed it, I would have them share it with all the supply rooms. All Yankee's or Supply Sergeants and Arms Rooms in the same Battalion should be on the same page and closer than close. Mentorship is the key to success. Remember you will need someone to take your place when you move to the next level, so if you groom nothing there will be nothing, if you groom the best you will leave your stamp and the best. This can be used in any office environment, just tailor it to you. Knowledge has no POWER, unless it is SHARED!!

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