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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting Pregnant to keep from getting deployed!! 18 yrs verses 12 mths, is it really worth it?

Ladies I have had the pleasure of serving in the Gulf war and the last OIF/OEF war and during both of these I know females that intentionally got pregnant to keep from going. I want to know if you think it is really worth it?
I have watched females have to end their career because it didn't turn out the way they expected it to. The military didn't give them the time they expected to bond with the baby and still decided to send them to the fight after the baby was born. The other downfall was that the father of the baby also left them with the baby to do it alone.
We as females must realize that when you sign up for the job you must be willing to carry it out no matter what the situation may be.
Trust and believe I am not against having a baby, but I am against having a baby for the wrong reasons.
It hurts my heart to see a female that had it in her to go far in the military have to let it go because she had a OOPS! moment, and didn't realize how hard it was going to be to have a baby and be in the military.
Ladies before you decide to take this huge step of skipping the fight by getting pregnant, make sure you think it all the way through because once you start, it is so hard to turn back.
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SGT T said...

It is such a shame that females in the Army can be so careless when it comes to life changing decisions, like having a child for the wrong reasons. I will be having my 2nd child while in the Army and although it can suck at times, it is part of my job. I have missed birthdays, first days of school, and list goes on and on. Deployments seem to be the #1 reason females get pregnant. Really? How selfish of you to do that to a child that did not ask to be here. Having children is a blessing and should be treated as such, not a way out of something. If that is the mentality of some females, then you should see your way out of the Army. Do the math, 9 months versus 216 months or 18 years. Is it really worth it?

Female Soldier Voice said...

SGT T, I undertand why you are upset. What I can say about this is that some of the young female soldiers find it as a joke at first and their friends push them to do it. BUT, and there is the bid word BUT!, after they get pregnant, their so call friends are no longer there because they are deployed or out having fun.
I also feel that the Female NCO CORP is failing the young female soldiers. Instead of us standing back watching we must step in and take action. Talk to these young females an give guidance. I have made it my goal to talk to at least one young female soldier a day to see what her goals are. We must put our foot down and say enough is enough.

Danny said...

I'm a retired senior NCO and this is so true, not only female NCO's to female - it should be male NCO's to these young female giving that guidance also. This is the wrong approach to a long line of problems; especially if this is something you/they really didn't think throw. Because some where down the line we males have a daughter that's in or maybe even thinking of doing the same thing. These female soldiers today are miss lead everyday by their friends; males and females alike.

On the other hand some of these female NCO's have done the same and/are still doing it. Senior NCO's needs to stand up, do your part and do your job. Being an NCO is a privilege not a right, putting on the rank is one thing but; wearing the rank is totally different, or did we forget these word's. (NO ONE) is more professional than I. I (AM) a Noncommissioned Officer “LEADER OF SOLDIERS”.

Anonymous said...

Its Me, Mini Me(Ma Ketta)OMG!!! So I had to come on here and speak a piece of how I feel. I too feel the same way I am 27 years old and haven't had any kids and darn sure not going to let Iraq or Afjan make me have one. Then what really pisses me off is when they have these kids they leave them with someone in their family to take care of them because they trying to still hang out and have fun. By all means if you go overseas to a duty restricted place I can understand you leaving your kids there but what about when you home. Then your kid(s) calling someone else mom...That burns me up inside. Lets get GROWN about this ladies or girls.

Female Soldier Voice said...

SGT Edward, It is up to the true NCO's to explain to these little girls just how wrong this is. I know that sometimes it is hard when you have Sergeants talking about doing it too. I want to put my foot in their back and teach them the true meaning of being a soldier and mother. Continue to be the best NCO that you can be and try to inspire and motivate as many female soldiers that you can.

Ghost said...

Parenting is no joke. What we need to do is sit these young lady's down and talk, teach, or even coach them what we do know as parents.

neya said...

Females have there own agenda dealing with getting preg before deploying. It's like there scared of loosing someone that will not be there or communicate with them if they go down range, so there idea is to get preg and think it will keep that guy attached to them always, which is the most stupid thing i have ever heard. Why not just go get it over with and then have a baby not the other way around. They don't take into consideration that after having a baby they can still get deployed and all they have done was bring something precious in life and then walk right out with nothing they can do about. I agree that the male leadership needs to not be scared to talk to these young female soldiers and guide them in the right path. Because you are not always gareented to have a female NCO there to correct you or tell you that your not thinking straight. Step up fellas and stop being so ugh.