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Monday, October 3, 2011


Female soldiers always wonder why they have to work so hard to get the respect they deserve. The military is just like the outside world, you are still looked at as a woman and you don’t equal up to a man. But I am going to give a few pointers on how to Get and Keep that Military respect.

1. Respect yourself on and off duty.
a.     Watch your mouth, how you speak can lower your standards
b.     Control the way you carry yourself, make sure people are talking to your face and not your body.
2. Know your job and equipment
a.   Don’t wait for someone to tell you to learn, learn on your own
b.   Don’t be afraid to down and dirty if needed, there is always soap and      water. (In other words don’t be so pretty you can’t get your hands dirty)
c.      If you see it need to be done, be motivated enough to get it done

3.     Stop complaining about things that you have no control over, just accomplish the mission.
a.     Don’t always be the weakest link, make sure you work at the areas you have problems with.

Remember that over time you will go up in rank and some people will either go up with you, pass you or stand still and you must learn to adapt. Learn how to turn the friendship off when you are at work. Learn to stop the head rolls, the neck rolls, the hand on the hips, the roll of the eyes and the smack of the lips. The main thing is that you can only make a first impression once, so when you get to that new unit or get a new leader make sure you make that first impression an outstanding one. Be motivated and dedicated to the position you are placed in and always will to go to the next level. Never let anyone take your self-esteem, take your inner strength, your inner peace or your determination to reach your Goal in life.