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Thursday, September 15, 2011


The topic is one that I know is probably very touchy to alot of females because they are probably saying, heck it's hard to be a female period.
Once you reach the NCO level you have to go head to head and toe to toe with males who feel like you got there with your body and not your mind and hard work. I know that it is very frustrating and we really get tired of having to prove ourselves over and over again.
The one thing that we want people to see is that we are Non commissioned Officers and we are here to do a job and we want the respect. Over the years I have had to go head to head with male NCO's to show them that I was capable of accomplishing the mission, solving the problem, giving direction and putting the free of GOD in soldiers just as well, if not better than they were. I have had to do the stare down, the argue down, the get out of my office until you are able to respect me down, the knock down drag out down and the down right do it my way or don't get nothing down. To show people who they were working with. I have been in places where males soldiers were below standard and they would be called on to do a project before me because I was a female and in the end I not only had to fix it, I had to teach others how it was supposed to be done. So Females nothing is easy and you will always have to fight for your place.
It is very Hard to be a Strong female in The Military but continue to stay strong, fight the good fight with knowledge and never let them see you sweat. FEMALE STRONG! LOL!!!!

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