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Monday, June 13, 2011

Posting comments

Hello all. When you go to post and you don't have a google account, please just post as anonymous and put your name on the bottom of your post. You can also click on follow on the left hand side and see which account you may already have and log in from there. I apologize for the inconvience, been working with site to try and make things easier. Also if you have alot to say, you may way to put it on a word document and then post to site so that it will not timeout while you are typing. Thanks for coming and I look forward to your post! Inspired to Inspire.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Should I Expect from my Leader?

What should I Expect from my leader is a question that is often forgotten from the giver as well as the receiver. Always have expectations in your life/career, therefore you will always be in a position to receive.
 Your expectations should be HIGH!

1.   Expect Respect.
2.   Expect Guidance.
3.    Expect to be taught the right way.
4.   Expect Discipline.
5.   Expect to receive Motivation even when you do wrong.
6.    Expect to be Pushed beyond your limits.
7.    Expect to be Rewarded.
8.   Expect to be Protected.
9.    Expect to be Informed at all times.
10  Expect the Unexpected, because no one knows what tomorrow may bring.

If I missed something Please tell me about it. Life is what you make of it and you must realize that there will always be another door for you to open to get to the next level.
Always know that there will be failures, there will be days that seem to be just wrong and you will sometimes want to just give up, just remember you will only go as far as What you Expect from Yourself.
Inspired to Inspire!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Someone please tell me why people think that since I am in the military I have all this money. Now that may just be in my life, but I know I have ran into plenty of soldiers that have taken out loans to give their family to keep up the image that they are balling in the military.
I am here to say, I don’t have funds for everyone. It really hurts my heart when I have to counsel soldiers on their finances and find out that they are giving most of their money to family members. For males, they are supporting their wife’s family and then for females they are trying to keep their family in the best of everything and letting their bills fall behind. I always have to tell them, until your family start getting up at zero dark hours in the morning, start getting ate up by bugs in the field and start carrying all that equipment from point “A” to point “B”, your house hold come first. Men say I just want to keep the peace, I say there is no peace when you have no lights and no food.
There are situations where you have to send support to help your family, but at the same time you must take care of you first. If your family or whoever is asking can’t understand that then we might have a problem.
Soldiers have lost their career because they were sending so much money home that they let their own finances get so bad it caused them to get discharged.
I don’t know if there is a flyer out or if someone has a commercial out saying soldiers are rich and if you meet one, milk them dry.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keep Your Opinions to yourself! Let Newcomers Form Their Own View!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of the unit that they are in but please stop telling new soldiers about all the bad things before they get there. 
I know that all units have problems with leadership and everything may not look and smell like roses, but that may only be for you. When new soldiers come to a unit give them a chance to be in the unit before you start putting bad pooh in their head. They may not see things the same way that you do but man if you cloud their head with negativity that is all they will see. This will start the beginning of a bad soldier. The reason I say that is because they will not trust the command or anyone in the unit, and when this happens they start to get in trouble. So if you have had a hard time or if you are going through some things keep it to yourself. 
Also don't be the one in the unit to bring the moral down. Just because you are having trouble doesn't mean you need to tell everyone and keep up a lot of commotion within the unit. When you run around and keep telling your story you just look guilty and when you get soldiers involved that don't need to know about it you just get your story twisted and turned. Not a good look. 
Learn to handle your business quietly and bring new soldiers into the unit with a good impression. Lead from the front.
Knowledge is no Good unless it is Shared!!