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Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Should I Expect from my Leader?

What should I Expect from my leader is a question that is often forgotten from the giver as well as the receiver. Always have expectations in your life/career, therefore you will always be in a position to receive.
 Your expectations should be HIGH!

1.   Expect Respect.
2.   Expect Guidance.
3.    Expect to be taught the right way.
4.   Expect Discipline.
5.   Expect to receive Motivation even when you do wrong.
6.    Expect to be Pushed beyond your limits.
7.    Expect to be Rewarded.
8.   Expect to be Protected.
9.    Expect to be Informed at all times.
10  Expect the Unexpected, because no one knows what tomorrow may bring.

If I missed something Please tell me about it. Life is what you make of it and you must realize that there will always be another door for you to open to get to the next level.
Always know that there will be failures, there will be days that seem to be just wrong and you will sometimes want to just give up, just remember you will only go as far as What you Expect from Yourself.
Inspired to Inspire!

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Lmac said...

I asked myself once, “Why are we, the total Army, losing our better Soldiers?” The answer was obvious to me, it was due to our failure and or inability to coach, teach, mentor, and “prepare” those Soldiers to excel as current and future leaders in our Army. Throughout each of our careers, we have heard the popular phrase “coach, teach, and mentor,” repeated like a broken record; to some of us that is all it was, a popular phrase. When it fact it is actually the best reenlistment tool we have at our disposal. You may have also noted I added one to it and that addition "prepare" is an important ingredient. The addition, “prepare”, is actually embedded in the original phrase but it is often overlooked.

Preparing a Soldier is slightly broader than coaching, teaching, and mentoring them for the future. It goes deeper than most care to travel. It entails caring for them when they fail to perform and praising them when they exceed the standard. It is taking a special interest in their future plans. Those future plans are not solely based on their impact on the Army but also on what will complete and satisfy the Soldier as an individual. Preparing goes deeper than most leaders are willing to go when it comes to developing a leader essentially; it is giving the Soldier what he/she truly needs to be a better Soldier and a better person. To some leaders that require a great deal of their personal time and effort so they tend to stick with just doing the minimum thus we lose great Soldiers who would have been assets to the Army.