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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ten Things to Help Your Military Career

  Here are a few pointers that can help your days in the military a little easier. I know, I know you already know these things but hey just a friendly reminder.

   1. Know your MOS, be able to explain and preform it.
   2. Know your equipment and its’ location at all time, never loan it out without the proper paperwork
         3. Keep up with all of your Military Records in a binder and make copies to give out.
         4. Take college classes and classes pertaining to your MOS for advancement.
         5. Go to Soldier of the Month and Quarter boards.
         6. Be early (15 min), just incase something changes.
         7. If you know it needs to be done make it happen.
         8. Be responsible with your money. Save for an emergency!
         9. It is your career, not your buddies. Most of the time they are doing things to advance behind your back.
                 10.  Always check to make sure your ERB is correct before you, PCS, go to the board, or go to school.



Lamac said...

I discussed a few of these issues this week with the students in my classroom. Most agree that in order to excel one has to rely on something or someone for support. A strong mentor is a plus for young men and women today because many are lacking any guidance, structure, or values when they leave home. The wisdom of a good mentor is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Know the regulation and never speak off what someone else told you.
2. Have an open mind-learn something from everyone you come in contact with, whether its whats to do or not to do..

Ghost said...

Don't depend on anyone to do things for you, like it has always been said. If you want it done right, “do it yourself”. The world meets no one half way, meaning the military will not advance you sitting there on your can. They mostly want a go getter, someone who can think for themselves, who stands above the rest, who will do whatever it takes to better themselves to get advanced. There are two questions for you; are you a follower or are you a leader. The bottom line is; how bad do you really want it.

Remember this saying;

There are people who watch things happen, there are people who sand back and wonder what happened, and there are people who make thing’s happen; which one are you. To be successful in life you need to be a person who makes thing’s happen.

Anonymous said...

i disagree a little bit on the career not buddy thing... with the way the army is, that soldier you had your nose up to could be the next person in charge and they are going to remember. i try to treat people as people because i know i'm going to see you again.

Female Soldier Voice said...

No one is saying turn your nose up to your buddy. What is being said is that you should be in control of your own career. If you know how to balance your career and your outside activities there will not be any problems when your buddy out ranks you. In todays Military soldiers are having a hard time separating job and social. You cannot bring your weekend to the office. You are correct about how to treat people, but don't get that confused with LEADER vs Subordinate.

Lamac said...

As far as the treatment of people, the Army's values state, "we will treat people as they should be treated". So I don't particularly agree with treating people a certain way because you may run into them again down the road. If we follow the instructions above then there's nothing to worry about. Right