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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can that Uniform get any tighter?

Hello everyone. My first blog is to talk about females in the uniform. I know we all like to look like a lady but do we have to have it so tight that it just look nasty. I work in an area where I see so many female soldiers that wear their uniform so tight it looks like they can't breath. If you are going to have it that tight at least have a top on long enough to cover it. But hey I know you want the guys to look, but when they say something you get mad.
I tell my female soldiers all the time, If you want respect and the male soldiers to look you eye to eye dress the part. If you have to lay on the bed, leave the top button open, or do squats during the day to get relief your uniform is too darn tight.
Please ladies we are trying to move up in the military so lets get it together.
Hit me back with what you think. Also give me topics to help your fellow female soldiers. This is a place to be heard.


Kisha said...

I too have seen that way to many times. I have pulled my share of females to the side to discuss such things as uniforms, make-up, perfume and perception. It is already hard enough in this mans Army to gain the respect as an all Around Soldier without having to deal with the other females around you bringing you back down. When I see females in tight uniforms with club makeup on and enough perfume that you smell them before you see them and after there gone I get so upset. We (Female Soldiers) have been fighting for years to prove our equality and worth to male Soldiers, so for you to use your "assets" instead of your brain irks me to no end. If you wanted to get by in life by using your more physical traits then I wish you would have chosen a different profession because I use my mind and professionalism to get what I want and its because of you I have such a hard time explaining to my male counterparts that thats "ALL" Im going to use.

I say all of that to say this "Have some respect if not for yourself for the women who have gone before us and fought the fight, paid the price, and won the right for us to be equal!" Stop disrespecting there legacy and representing there enemy and start displaying there victories and upholding there memories.


Female Soldier Voice said...

Kisha this is so true. As female NCO's we must set the example and then enforce them. Our young ladies coming behind us or looking for guidance. There is always a time for everything. Keep up the good work.

neya said...

They fell to realize that wearing a tight uniform cause more issues than what they sign up for. Dont know one to see all that mess when they come into work. It brings negative reaction, that is so un lady like and make the rest of us look bad. Keep somethings for imaginzion.

Female Soldier Voice said...

Neya that is so true but on a lighter side it gives us something to laugh about. I just want this issue to reach as many female soldiers as possible. The more we take to the better it gets.

Ghost said...

Well neya your right leave room for imagination. Some lady's do it because they want attention to turn heads. Turn head they'll get. This is a professional environment that they work in not the club or in the streets.

If its the right attention that they want, they shouldn't wear uniforms that are way to big or way to small (tight). Just get her uniform where its nicely fitting; get her hair done and a tad bit of make-up, then carry her herself as a professional. At that point she'll get the right attention that she desire.

miss_mcclellan said...

Ok, it's Miss_mcclellan checking in from the desert on the issue of uniforms.... all I can say is, "what the what?!" I'm past out done on this one sister. I don't know how they do it! Whether it's in Garrison, switching in and out of the office looking crazy or walking around the cubicles about to pop their hips outta joint, these females just HAVE to be uncomfortable. I mean, I hate it when I've eaten too much and my belly is pushing against my jacket, so I KNOW these little girls MUST feel all that fabric rubbing against those thighs as they're walking around just a baking bread... seriously?! I mean, am I right, or am I right? The worse part is it's not just the junior enlisted, I've seen some senior enlisted, and senior officers all the way wrong too. So here's the question....Why does the leadership just let these ladies go by day to day, looking crazy? In the desert, we get ADO... so why are THEY getting new uniforms? It's inappropriate and has to be a health issue, cause I've seen some of the undergarments some of these ladies drop off at the laundry point and... I'm just saying... ewww