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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am watching the females in todays Army and you have to step outside yourself to get them to realize that this is not a game, I am not your mother nor your father, this is your job and you will do it, you are not here for a beauty pageant or a friend contest. You are in the Army and it requires you to use your brain, your hands and yes you will sweat and get dirty.
I remember when my NCO’s would tell me “Soldier if you don’t get a move on I will put my foot in your back”, that meant I would be doing push-ups and their foot would be resting on my back. I remember the saying that I would be pushing my way to China, that meant I would be doing push ups until I couldn’t do no more. This caused me to get the job done and I took pride in it. My NCO could call me in and raise his/her voice at me and give me that verbal counseling to get me back on track without having to do all that paperwork. I understood what was needed and when I left the office we had an understanding that they were in charge and I needed to do what was expected of me.
I am a Female soldier and I respected my NCO’s and my peers. I made sure I stood in the proper position even if we were friends off duty. I was where I needed to be even if I didn’t like the person I worked for because I was doing what needed to be done to either pass them or leave the unit. I talked with respect and I left my neck rolling for the club. 
When I became an NCO I carried myself as one. I kept my weight, my hair, my uniform, personal life and my attitude in accordance with the regulations and standards set by the Military. I did what I knew was right and didn’t worry about the people around me. When I made it in the NCO Corp I represented the CORP with Dignity and Pride, I gave the younger female soldiers someone to look up to. I didn’t get mine and then say let them get theirs, I showed them what it took. I will fill sandbags, pick up trash, sweep sidewalks, raise and lower the American flag, drop with my soldiers and take a chewing when they are wrong. But I am an Old Female Soldier from the Old CORP. Tell me what you think of the new female soldiers being built from the new CORP!
When you come to the end of this post I either want you to be motivated to tell me how it really is (meaning tell me that what I see is wrong), or explain to me what you feel has went wrong. I wrote this blog to get females and males to start expressing what they really feel, so don't let what my blog say stop you from expressing what you feel. We can only get better when we know where things are wrong. Take a moment and tell me how this post affect you.


Anonymous said...

I would have to say that the female generation in the Army is to worried about getting there's and not worring about anyone else. Or there to concern about finding them a soulmate and fighting to compette with other females on who can get the guy. Instead of consitracting on getting the job done, and making a carrer/life for themselves. There to head sprung on there looks and making it harder for us female soldier that are working hard to get that sterotypic mind set of what males think of us. They act as though, there to good to get down and get dirty. Then when you want to punish them, they want to go run to IG and complain. As a young female NCO in this Army, i push myself to the limit to show my soldier that no matter how bad it hurts, or if something that i think makes no sense, that you don't show the frustration, just keep it moving to get the job done, so they can get off your back. But this knew punishment thing is doing nothing to the soldier. They look at it as a joke, and make me want to put my foot in their backside. They need an eye opener before its to late for them.

Female Soldier Voice said...

I agree the new army is making it to easy on the soldiers in general. I have had soldiers tell me that they came into the military for discipline because they didn't get it growing up. Now they are disappointed because they are just being treated like a number. My young soldiers use to find it funny when I told them to drop or do some other form of physical activity. Sometimes I would challenge my soldiers and with this I could take a potentially bad soldier and turn them around. Female that have that I am too good attitude just need that hard hand of discipline. They need an NCO that make them run everywhere they need to be if they tend to be late, when they walk in the office they have to drop and give 10 and then 10 before they leave, if they forget what position to stand in they can either do ten flutter kicks or 10 push ups. This motivates females to stay on their toes. If their head is tore up they are sent to fix it, if they can't pass their PT test they do extra PT with their NCO after work. My thing is we (Female NCO's) have to step up and get tough. Get in those females butt and make them into the soldiers they came into the Army to be. Point Blank, Period!

Anonymous said...

I must say that females are the same no matter if they enlisted into the military 5 or 10 years ago. There are females who care because they love their jobs and taking care of Soldiers. There are those military females senior leader or junior enlisted females out for getting theirs and not worring about anyone else. I believe females have not changed they are the same yesterday today and tomorrow. If they don't have any morals they don't care about anyone but themselves and sometimes I wonder if they care about themselves.

Female Soldier Voice said...

Now that is the kind of response I am looking for. Tell me how you feel. You are correct, people are people no matter when they came in. My question to you is do you feel that they are upholding the standards as well as the old CORP? Thank you for your response.

Corinne said...

I'm not even sure where to start... I'm currently in ATL and before that I was in Texas. And both places had their share of "head bangers," Females (NCOs and Officers) that were so busy rolling their heads, smacking their gum and sending "tweets," behind their desks, that they couldn't focus on handling official business. Somethimes it would get to the point that I would have to give them a pointed stare and aske them, "excuse me SFC So and So, am I interrupting you, or should I come back after 1700, when you are finished playing your iPhone?!" Really?! The sad part is that these females are usually incharge of younger impressionable females and the cycle continues. Or better yet, you have young females in a section who are all attitude and their NCOs don't know what to do with them, so this little girl just runs wild: hair out of regulation, uniform too small, talks to folk any old kinda way, crazy... and grows from a junior enlisted/ officer mess into a senior enlisted field grade disaster.

Now I will say that I have met many roses among the weeds. Woman that come from strong stock and want to lead from the front and can't wait to have the opportunuty to step up. These woman are in the motorpools, driving trucks, flying aircraft, leading convoys and handling their business. No doubt they could very well be future regimental CSMs, and Generals in the ranks. These women are driven, mtovated and inspiring... I just wish there were more female leadership to mentor, guide them, and shape them.

Anonymous said...

Now if we all just read what each other wrote we will see that there is work to be done with soldiers in the Military.