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Sunday, January 8, 2012


One day I was putting a message on facebook and received a message from a soldier from my past. Now I could not recognize the picture or the name, but the soldier fixed that. To my surprise it was a soldier that told me over and over again that she was going to get out of the military and that she hated it.
I made it my business to get this soldier to the board and get her through her PT test no matter how much she kicked and screamed. Every time she would the day was going to be easy I made her do push ups and flutter kicks and I drilled her for the board. She soon made up songs for the board answers, and was asked by the CSM at the board to sing it. When she PCS’d to another location she was promoted but still talking about getting out. This was back in 2002.
In 2011 I received a message from this soldier and she has been a Drill Sergeant and now she is a SFC. She also told me that she uses some of the sayings that I use to say to her on her soldiers. I truly thought that, she wanted to kill me at times because I would drop her in front of other soldiers and drill her when she wasn’t expecting it. But now to know that I had a great impact on her career, makes my retirement all that more special. Thank you SFC Veronica Carter for making my retirement so special.
So to all the NCO’s out there;  “What type of impact are you making in your soldiers career? Is it good or bad?

1 comment:

Sfc carter said...

You are an outstanding person. It was my pleasure working for you! You are who i strive to be like. GOD BLESS YOU..