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Monday, March 5, 2012

I’m Retired, but I’m Always A Soldier At Heart!

Well as most of you know I decided to come out of retirement for a week and go and help my daughter get her supply room together. Mentorship is something I will never stop doing. Well I must say for that one week my pressure went to heart attack rate everyday I was there. 

When I retired I wondered if I did the right thing and if I would miss it. Well let me tell you this, after helping my daughter for the week I realized that I don’t miss it at all. The level of respect is gone, the soldiers are lazy (and I won’t say all), and the officers and NCO’s are walking around like they are afraid to correct soldiers (I won’t say all, but most). The soldiers took more breaks when it was time to work than a little bit and the NCO’s acted like it was the norm, how in the world do they get any work done. Soldiers walk around like there is nothing to be learned and no rush to accomplish the mission and if you ask them a question they look at you like a deer in headlights. My blood pressure was high everyday because they couldn’t answer simple questions about mask, toolboxes, and the location of equipment. All of the soldiers were like you had to wait for their NCO to return. Do we not share information with the soldiers anymore?
I know I am not in the military but I dropped my daughter and told her to stay there until I got tired and at the same time I drilled into her head the right way and wrong way to run her office. I told her things that will help her succeed in her office and things that can get her relieved and put in jail, I told her how to stand her ground, and what battles or hers to fight and which ones or for her CDR/XO to fight, and I did all of this while she was in the front leaning rest position. I wanted her to remember it and I know by her being in that position she will always remember it. It’s called tough Love.  

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