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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


When women first joined the military they were not allowed to serve with the men, they were just there to nurse them back to good health.
Now we are serving side by side, we lead from the front and we cover them from the back.

There is an old saying “ I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER”, I have lived by those words for many years serving in the military.

1.     When my brother in arms needed a female to talk to about something going on in his life I listened without judgement.
2.     When my brother needed a shoulder to cry on but didn’t want the guys to see it, I was there.
3.     When my brother needed someone to get it across to the opposite sex that he wasn’t interested or that he was married I was there.
4.     When my brother needed someone to just to tell him like it "IS" without holding any punches “You know I was There”.
5.     When my brother needed someone to just sit and be there with him, no words needed, I would sit with him and just be. I was just there.
6.     When my brother in arms called and said “my sister all Hell has broken loose and I need you to either help me either tear Hell down or sooth the savage beast” I was there. ( We mostly tore Hell down) LOL! The life of a soldier…
7.     When my brother called and said, “ I lost a family member today and I don’t know where to turn” I was there.

You see when women joined the military we joined for many reasons. Not just for something to do we joined to make a difference and Oh what a difference we have made. I became a mother to those who needed guidance, a sister to those who needed someone to talk to, a daughter to the one’s who never had a child, an enforcer to those who needed discipline, a counselor to those who just needed answers. So are you, your brother’s keeper?


Kisha said...

This is so true. We not only have to be able to hold/fill/excell in the roles of Supervisor, Peer and Subordinate to some we have to be the Sisters, Mothers, Daughters and Sense Talkers to so many more. I love the Female SR NCO's who taught me this and the Male NCO's/Soldiers who allowed to perfect my craft (LOL).

Anonymous said...

Kami said, what a wonderful post. I am my brother's keeper!! I am greatful to have had female NCO's who taught me to do the right thing even when no one is looking. I am honored to have you as a sister, friend, and mentor. Thanks for taking the time to train me and listen when I needed someone to talk to. Female Soldiers I encourage you to find a mentor and don't let go of her. She will do her job only if you allow her to do it, if you can't find a female please find someone to show you what right looks like.